HLA Typing

ImmunoServ offers a reliable, efficient and cost effective HLA typing service.

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The HLA system

The Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) system encodes the major histocompatibility complex proteins in humans. These proteins play a vital role in antigen presentation to T cells and thus form an integral part of the immune system. The HLA gene family are the most polymorphic in the human genome, with over 30,000 alleles reported to date. These polymorphisms contribute to the vast diversity in immunological response in humans and as such, associations between HLA and protection or susceptibility to numerous diseases are well documented.

Our Service

Using Sequence Specific Oligonucleotide (SSO) Typing, ImmunoServ provides HLA Typing up to 4 digits, for the following:

Class I:

  • HLA-A
  • HLA-B
  • HLA-C

Class II:

  • DRB1
  • DRB3,4,5
  • DQA1/DQB1
  • DPA1/DPB1


Prices start from £40 per sample for 1 locus and £145 per sample for 5 loci. Please enquire to get a quotation for your HLA typing requirements.


Built with T cell researchers in mind

ImmunoServ's cost effective HLA typing service is ideal for a wide range of T cell research applications including:

🔹 immuno-oncology

🔹 vaccine development and efficacy

🔹 personalised immunotherapies

🔹 population genetics

🔹 disease association studies

End-to-end solution

Our team can provide an end-to-end solution from sample preparation to HLA results with the following sample types:

  • Whole blood
  • PBMCs
  • Saliva
  • Genomic DNA

Additional products such as our At Home Blood Collection Kit and saliva collection kit are available for user friendly collection of whole blood or saliva samples.


Interested in using an alternative sample type? We will work with you to optimise the DNA extraction based on your needs, enquire now.


Please enquire to get a quotation for your HLA typing requirements.