ImmunoServ offers innovative products and solutions to address global healthcare challenges.

Immuno-T™ Laboratory Test Kit

T cell testing should be standardised & scalable. The Immuno-T Laboratory Test Kit enables this. These kits contain all reagents required to perform T cell testing in any lab.


At Home Blood Collection Kit

ImmunoServ's At Home Blood Collection Kit contains all items required for collection and shipment of a capillary blood sample from the finger.


Now Available

At ImmunoServ we are on a mission to bring T cell testing to the masses. The World's first At-Home COVID-19 T cell test is available to anyone in the United Kingdom.

If you would like to test your own T cell immune response to COVID-19 using the At Home Immuno-T test, please visit our Immuno-T website.


The At Home Immuno-T test is available across the UK for only £69.