Research & Development

We have an ambitious R&D pipeline and expanding contract research capabilities

Ambitious R&D Pipeline

In our efforts to bring standardised T cell testing to the masses, ImmunoServ are embarking on an ambitious R&D pipeline utilising the Immuno-T™ platform to address a number of disease areas where T cells play a critical role in pathogenesis. Together with our project collaborators and funders, our aim is to promote patient and public health through the development of innovative new Immuno-T tests with significant prognostic and diagnostic potential.

R&D pipeline image 20May24

If you are interested in partnering with us on any of these indications, or have other potential indications for Immuno-T, please contact the team here.

Expanding Contract Research Services

Research & Development

ImmunoServ has a growing reputation for providing high-quality contract research services in the immunology field. Our current laboratory services encompass bespoke assays that utilise a broad range of techniques and analytical platforms. We are continuously expanding our portfolio and investing in innovative new services to improve our contract research capabilities. For example, we are currently developing services for the provision of 3D organoid systems.


If you're interested in our contract research services please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Available Now

COVID-19 Immuno-T Laboratory Test Kit

T cell testing should be standardised and scalable. The Immuno-T Laboratory Test Kit enables this.

  • Quantifiable Results
  • Absolute Units
  • Objective Readout

The Immuno-T Laboratory Test Kit contains all reagents required to perform T cell testing in any lab.

  • Lyophilized Antigens
  • Complete ELISA Kit
  • Clear Instructions
  • Customisable Options

Please click here for further details or Custom Kit orders.


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