ImmunoServ launches Immuno-T™ Laboratory Test Kit

15 August 2023

As part of our ongoing efforts to bring T cell testing to the masses, today ImmunoServ are proud to announce the launch of the COVID-19 Immuno-T™ Laboratory Test Kit. Having generated substantial impact during the COVID-19 pandemic with our contract T cell and antibody research services, the launch of the Immuno-T™ Laboratory Test Kit now enables standardised and scalable T cell testing to be performed in any laboratory throughout the world.


The principle of the Immuno-T™ test is simple: a fresh whole blood sample is used to determine whether an individual possesses T cell reactivity to selected test antigens. This T cell response may have arisen through exposure, prior infection, vaccination, or antigen cross-reactivity. The test has shown that the magnitude of venous or capillary blood-derived SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell response is an important correlate of protection, accurately determining COVID-19 immunity. The test has particular utility across a broad range of immunology research applications, including vaccine development and efficacy assessment, public health studies and T cell research.


Developed and manufactured in collaboration with ImmunitasBio, the kit contains all reagents required to perform T cell testing, including lyophilised antigens, a complete validated ELISA kit, and clear instructions. It provides quantifiable results in absolute units using an objective readout.


At launch, the COVID-19 Immuno-T Laboratory Test Kit is available in two sizes: 20 test kit (1-plate) and 100 test kit (5-plate), with the default option containing spike, membrane and nucleocapsid peptides derived from SARS-CoV-2 (Omicron variant).


The Immuno-T assay is a flexible platform allowing T cell tests to be developed for many diseases. ImmunoServ has an ambitious R&D pipeline utilising the Immuno-T platform to address a number of disease areas where T cells play a critical role in pathogenesis. However, we are also able to offer custom kits covering a range of antigens and readouts. Our T cell experts can provide support in the development and validation of bespoke Immuno-T kits for customer’s needs.


To accompany the launch of the new kit, Dr Martin Scurr (CSO) has written a White Paper about measuring T cell responses using Immuno-T kits. This free article includes evidence on the benefits of using whole blood versus PBMCs, direct comparison of Immuno-T to ELISpot, and how to scale up T cell testing using capillary blood samples.


For ordering and for more information, including our free White Paper click here.