Recruitment for At Home Immuno-T Validation Study Complete

16 March 2022

In January 2022 ImmunoServ launched its trial of the Worlds first At-Home combined COVID-19 T cell and antibody test. Participants from across the UK were invited to sign up to the validation study. Within 10 weeks more than 300 participants have been recruited.

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The image below shows the breadth of the UK covered by this recruitment campaign. Due to the rapid success of this study, ImmunoServ have now had to draw the recruitment for this study to a close earlier than expected. Dr Martin Scurr CSO of ImmunoServ and project coordinator said “The response to this study has been incredible. It’s clear that there’s a lot of interest amongst the public in understanding their potential immunity to COVID-19.”

ImmunoServ are now at the final stages of obtaining UKCA IVD marking for the kit, once obtained the test will be available for the public within weeks. Dr James Hindley CEO added “We’d like to thank everyone who has agreed to take part in this study for their support. This work will undoubtedly help in our understanding of immunity to COVID. Ultimately shaping vaccine development and public health policy.”