ImmunoServ Receives Welsh Government Funding to Advance T Cell Testing

04 June 2024

ImmunoServ is pleased to announce that it has been awarded substantial follow-on funding from the Welsh Government to support its ground-breaking research and development in T cell testing.


The funding, provided through the Welsh Government’s SMART Flexible Innovation Support scheme, underscores ImmunoServ’s commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions to support vaccine development, primary healthcare and coordinate public health policy. T cells play a crucial role in the body’s immune response, and accurate, standardised and scalable testing methods are essential for diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions, including autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, and cancer.


“We really appreciate the continued support and vote of confidence in our work from the Welsh Government. This funding will further enable us to accelerate our research and development efforts, both in the development of several new T cell tests, and expansion of our portfolio of services,” said Dr. Martin Scurr, CSO of ImmunoServ. “With the support of this grant, we aim to enhance the understanding of vaccine immunogenicity and population immunity to multiple infectious diseases, alongside the development of innovative diagnostic tools that will ultimately improve patient outcomes.”


The funding from the Welsh Government will enable ImmunoServ to invest in state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and accelerate the development of its T cell testing platform. In addition, the funding will support the establishment of several exciting collaborations with multiple internationally renowned immunologists, details of which will be released shortly. By fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and government, ImmunoServ aims to translate its scientific discoveries into tangible benefits for people worldwide.


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