Immuno-T COVID T Cell Test Now Available to Buy

16 September 2022

At ImmunoServ we are on a mission to bring T cell testing to the masses. The World's first At-Home COVID-19 T cell test is now available to anyone in the United Kingdom. People who wish to test their own T cell immune response to COVID-19 using Immuno-TTM, can visit our Immuno-T website.

Immuno-T - Covid T Cell Kit

T cells are a critical component of immunity to COVID-19. The Immuno-T test allows any individual to monitor their T cells at-home with less than half a millilitre of blood. Once a test has been ordered online, a UKCA-IVD marked At-Home Blood Collection kit is delivered to the UK-based address. Following a simple process, a finger prick sample of blood is then posted back to our BSI-Certified lab for testing and results emailed within 2 weeks.

The COVID-19 Immuno-T test was developed by specialists in T cell immunology. The test uses tiny fragments of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to see if each blood sample contains T cells that help protect against COVID-19. The test can be used for monitoring an individual’s immune response after COVID-19 infection and/or vaccination. If the blood sample contains T cells that recognise the virus then those T cells respond by releasing a molecule called interferon-gamma. The amount of interferon-gamma released correlates to how well protected the person is from future infection.

This ground breaking new COVID-19 immunity test was developed in collaboration with researchers at Cardiff University and was funded with support from InnovateUK and the National Core Studies (NCS) programme. 

 “The team here at ImmunoServ have worked very hard over the last year to develop and deliver a COVID-19 T cell test that could be easy enough for use by the general public, as well as being accessible to anyone in the UK. I’m very pleased to see this ambition realised.” Dr James Hindley CEO